• Ballet Coaching

    For individuals who wish to have a private ballet lesson in order to work on technique, gain personalised feedback and work on any individual goals they have in mind.

  • Technique Coaching

    For individuals who want to improve on the technical side of dance, such as leaps, turns, strength and flexibility. Ideal for those who would like to become more versatile dancers.

  • Introduction to Dance

    For individuals who are novices to dance but would love to begin! This session will guide you through what dance actually means to you, teach you the basics and give you the confidence to build on what you already have within.

  • Dance for Actors

    For actors who would like to build confidence and skill in dance for auditions, open classes and rehearsals.

  • Free Movement

    A session aimed at anyone with a love for dance which focuses on self expression, improvisation, emotional connection and the creative side of dance.

  • Party Dancers

    For individuals who want to feel more comfortable dancing at social events and learn some fun moves to put up their sleeve!

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